110 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 100 A, New Orleans, Louisiana 70005

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Ritz-Carlton Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana

  1.  Construction claims for defective work and for defective work and for alleged non-payment.
  2. Transactional services for renovations.
Astor Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Construction claims for alleged defective work and for non-payment.

Harrah’s Casino
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Drafted over forty contracts for the construction and the design of the temporary and the permanent casinos, the central plant and the parking structures.

New Orleans, Louisiana

  1.  Architectural contract fee dispute.
  2. Contractor delay and extra work claims.
Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

  1.  Architectural contract for $200,000,000.00 expansion.
  2. Delay, defective work and nonpayment claims.


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