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Construction Arbitration

Construction Arbitration

Tom Gardner, Doug Kewley and Lee Kohler have represented clients in construction arbitration proceedings for decades.  Tom Gardner and Doug Kewley have served as arbitrators and have been elected as chairs of a panel of arbitrators in significant construction disputes.  These disputes involved delays, breach of contract, errors and omissions, code violations, extra work claims, demands for the recovery of legal fees and similar construction claims.

Doug Kewley serves as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association in construction and commercial matters, usually as the sole arbitrator.  With over seventeen years of experience, Doug Kewley has arbitrated matters involving vessel construction, building construction defects, banking issues, racial discrimination in a construction setting and design defects.  Doug Kewley has arbitrated matters involving hotels, housing, office buildings, churches, schools, retail establishments, sewer systems and vessels.

Lee Kohler is trained to serve as an arbitrator.  Lee Kohler uses his experience and knowledge to assist clients involved in arbitration proceedings.  Lee Kohler has obtained favorable awards for contractor and subcontractor clients in arbitration proceedings.

Gardner & Kewley’s attorneys use their extensive experience and knowledge as arbitrators to assist clients who are engaged in arbitration.


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