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Construction Mediation

Often parties can avoid expense and delay by mediating construction industry disputes.  Moreover, many construction contracts have clauses that require mediation prior to arbitration.  Gardner & Kewley’s attorneys have a wealth of experience representing parties at arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Tom Gardner served as a mediator who forged a settlement in a $100,000,000 co-generation construction contract dispute.  Four prior mediators failed to settle the dispute.  Tom Gardner persuaded the parties to settle in one day.  Additionally, Tom Gardner has represented design professionals, contractors and subcontractors in mediation proceedings.  These mediations involved the full gamut of construction claims ranging from design errors and omissions to the correction of building code violations.

Doug Kewley has served as a mediator in matters involving construction disputes.  Additionally, Doug Kewley has represented owners, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in mediation proceedings.

Lee Kohler has served as a mediator in a number of matters involving construction disputes as well as other types of disputes arising out of civil litigation.  Lee Kohler has represented design professionals, owners, contractors and subcontractors in mediation proceedings.

Private Mediation Guarantee

Gardner & Kewley conducts private mediations, with a guarantee.  If a private mediation utilizing a Gardner & Kewley mediator does not result in a settlement, Gardner & Kewley will refund 50% of the Firm’s fees for the mediation session(s).


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