Most of Kohler Construction Law’s assignments consist of highly complex matters that involve more than 10,000 documents.  In the 1990s, Kohler Construction Law was an early proponent of the internal use of high-speed scanners, optical character recognition software and database tools for use in construction matters.  Once Kohler Construction Law has scanned, recognized and entered the documents into a database, Kohler Construction Law can search and analyze all of the documents anytime.  Kohler Construction Law’s system saves, not only the text of the document, but also a virtual image of the original document.  Kohler Construction Law imprints these databases on fixed media or uploads to the cloud thereby allowing a client’s entire discovery file to be shared with the entire litigation team, including experts.

Kohler Construction Law’s clients benefit from this internal document management system in several ways.  The first benefit is the flexibility of the system.  When a new witness or issue arises during a case, counsel does not have to reread every document.  To locate the documents associated with this new development, Kohler Construction Law’s system requires only a new search query.  Kohler Construction Law’s staff or attorneys can retrieve the responsive information in seconds.

The second advantage is the Firm’s continuous access to the relational database.  When preparing for a mediation, arbitration, deposition or trial, Kohler Construction Law’s attorneys can continuously search and reformat data.  Conversely, many other firms rely on third party vendors and must wait until business hours are open to serve their clients’ urgent needs.

The third advantage is the Firm’s ability to generate and to publish witness books, trial exhibits and trial exhibit lists directly from the system and in our office.  This system enables Kohler Construction Law to update all mediation, arbitration or litigation books and lists at any time, thereby allowing the Firm to better serve our client’s needs.

The fourth advantage of Kohler Construction Law’s system is that the work product shield will be applicable to the database.  While other firms rely on third party vendors, Kohler Construction Law codes, sorts and searches databases in-house in order to maximize the work product privilege shield against discovery.

Kohler Construction Law’s clients benefit from the in-house application of advanced database management technology to their legal matters.  By utilizing the efficiency provided by this customized relational data basing system, Kohler Construction Law can perform more thorough work, all while maximizing the protection of the database from adverse discovery.